Dr. ZhiGui Ma

Abstract. TMJ based orthodontic treatment of Class II patients during growth.

To introduce a combined joint-jaw-occlusion treatment protocol for Class II adolescence. One hundred and eighteen Class II adolescent patients (193 temporomandibular joints) diagnosed with internal derangement and Class II malocclusion were treated with this treatment protocol from July 2009 through Jan 2014. For patients with disk displacement with reduction (DDWR),non-surgical treatments were used;For disk displacement without reduction(DDNOR),arthroscopic surgeries or disk anchorages were used for disk reposition first, and then functional appliances followed by orthodontic treatment were involved to further maintain surgical effect. Thirty-one were men and 87 were women, with a mean age of 15.6 years (range, 12.3–17.7 years). Non-surgical treatments were performed in 38 joints (23 cases) and arthroscopic surgeries were operated in 86 joints (54 cases), anchorages were operated in 69 joints (41 cases). The mean follow-up period was 22.5 months with a range of 6 to 64 months. Seventy-eight joints (61 cases) were excellent and 109 joints (52 cases) were good, recurrence occurred in 6 joints (5 cases). The total effectiveness was 96.89%. Meanwhile, clinical symptoms were greatly improved. The application of this novel treatment could be effective in achieving a stable disk position, good occlusion and aesthetic appearance, which may be worthy of wide application.