Д-р Марко Роса

Аннотация (на английском языке). Missing laterals incisors: predictable space closure looking for excellence in all malocclusions.

Even if the advent of osseo-integrated implants decreased the popularity of the space closure alternative, still it could be the best solution in the young patients and in the vast majority of the adult-patients, having as an overall goal not only a predictable good function and a well-balanced smile, but also the long-term stability. The lecture will provide the rationale, the priorities in treatment planning, new crucial details regarding the space closure biomechanics and orthodontic finishing, as well as the related periodontal and restorative procedures. The inherent difficulty of a difficult treatment and the most frequent side effects will also be focused. Last, new indications for the space closure alternative will be drawn.


  • Focusing on the crucial aspects in the diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Planning and managing difficult and controversial cases.
  • Preventing «overtreatment» and side effects of a treatment, however complex.