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08:00 Opening remarks
Session 5.
Really bad joints: conservative management
Chairs: Prof. Chi Yang (China),
Dr. Abraham Montes de Oca (Mexico)
08:10 Splint therapy and deprogramming
Dr. Gonzalo Facal Alvarez (Spain)
08:50 Medical management of the condyle
Dr. Michael J. Gunson (USA)
09:30 PRGF application in TMJ for internal derangement and degenerative joint disease
Dr. Alejandro Martinez (Mexico)
10:10 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Florencio Monje (Spain),
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman (Colombia)
10:25 Coffee break
Session 6.
Really bad joints: surgical management
Chairs: Dr. Alejandro Martinez Garza (Mexico),
Dr. Gonzalo Facal Alvarez (Spain)
10:50 Minimally invasive TMJ surgery
Dr. Florencio Monje (Spain)
11:30 Modified open temporomandibular joint disc repositioning using bone anchors,
how do we do?

Prof. ShanYong Zhang (China)
12:10 Treatment of condylar hyperplasia: condylectomies and orthognathic surgery
Dr. Albano Flores (Mexico)
12:30 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. G. William Arnett (USA),
Dr. Javier Mareque (Spain)
12:45 Lottery prize draw and Lunch
Session 7.
Philosophy of modern orthognathic surgery
Chairs: Dr. Andrey Senyuk (Russia),
Dr. Ute Schneider-Moser (Italy)
14:05 Orthognathic surgery according to an aesthetic philosophy: the facial makeover
Prof. Mirco Raffaini (Italy)
14:45 Guidelines for orthodontic preparation and surgical planning
Dr. Fernando Melhem (Brazil)
Dr. José Rino Neto (Brazil)
15:35 The face – protocols for frontal and profile planning
Dr. G. William Arnett (USA)
16:15 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Lorenz Moser (Italy),
Dr. Girts Salms (Latvia)
16:30 Coffee break and meeting with poster session authors at the learning lounge
Session 8.
From pre-surgical orthodontics to surgery-first
Chairs: Dr. Michael J. Gunson (USA),
Dr. Paul Coceancig (Australia)
17:00 Demystification of pre-surgical orthodontics
Dr. Lorenz Moser (Italy)
17:40 Surgery first: a balanced approach from a double qualified specialist in surgery and orthodontics
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman (Colombia)
18:20 Discussion and Best Poster Awards | Moderators:
Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene (Lithuania),
Dr. Fernando Melhem Elias (Brazil)


Gala Party at DFAB (Address: Slokas iela 52, Rīga, LV- 1007)

20:00 Busses leave from the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija entrance. Please wear your gala ticket – the wristband. Dress-code: smart casual.

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