The 1st Baltic Sea Conference in Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontics (BSCOSO 2009)  was held on 25-27 September 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania  and is considered to be the flagship conference of this kind in the Baltic Sea region.

BSCOSO 2009 was born as the result of the continuously growing importance of orthognathic surgery and associated orthodontic treatment in the Baltic countries and in the bigger part of Eastern European area. Conference gathered the best and most recognizable specialists in orthognathic surgery and orthodontics, who introduced the latest improvements of surgical techniques and the most advanced treatments of skeletal malocclusion.

The numbers over three conference days reached 450 attendees, 29 speakers, 13 companies and 38 countries!


Surgical Faculty


Dr. G. William Arnett (USA)
Dr. Adrian Sugar (UK)

Orthodontic Faculty


Dr. Richard McLaughlin (USA)
Prof. Ilga Urtane (Latvia)


Dr. Antonio D’Agostino (Italy)
Prof. Dario Bertossi (Italy)
Dr. Julio Cifuentes (Chile)
Dr. Michael Gunson (USA)
Dr. Ekaterina Kudinova (Russia)
Prof. Christian Krenkel (Austria)
Prof. Christian Lindqvist (Finland)
Prof. Maurice Mommaerts (Belgium)
Prof. Francesco Nocini (Italy)
Prof. Johan Reyneke (Rep. of South Africa)
Prof. Robert Sader (Germany)
Dr. Girts Salms (Latvia)
Dr. Andrey Senyuk (Russia)
Prof. Andrejs Skagers (Latvia)
Prof. Paul J. W. Stoelinga (Netherlands)
Dr. Lorenzo Trevisiol (Italy)


Dr. Dmitry Bogatyrkoff (Russia)
Dr. Michail Bogatyrkoff (Russia)
Dr. Charles Falzone (USA)
Dr. Elisabetta Grendene (Italy)
Dr. Roberto Lasserre (Chile)
Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene (Lithuania)
Dr. James Mah (USA)
Dr. David Way (USA)